I grew up in a small industrial town by the coastline in southern Sweden with my two brothers and parents. I was brought up with guitar music, my father is a blues guitarist and one day he placed a guitar in my room and gave me the advice to start writing my own songs, and so I did. Later on, me and my two brothers formed indie garage rock bands Wonder Coast and The Shy Lads with a couple of friends, we toured in Europe and released records on labels.


It wasn’t until I was 30 years old that american folk music started to have a bigger impact on me. I just loved how some of them sang straight from the heart with breathtaking lyrics. After several road trips through the U.S., country and folk rock music started sipping through into my own musical style. So I gathered my experiences and influences to make something that felt real to me.


After the dissolution of my former bands I decided to do something with the new acoustic based songs I had written. It was a solo effort but I still wanted the community of a band. That same year I formed Dennis Hollstrom & The Ponies with my youngest brother Jonas Hollström, Matilda Hjärtstam, Derry Davey, Mikael Wessel and Johannes Renklint. I had a vision to sing my heart out like the ones I’ve been listening to, with the band’s own interpretation of folk rock and country music.


The lyrics mostly tackles small town life in southern Sweden with it’s characters and romantic dreams of getting out to live the adventurous and romanticised life on the road. Sort of a self-reflection I guess.